The Intuition Whisperer

As a trusted friend, your intuition comes to you announcing the miraculous and the inspired.

How many of you trust, and I mean really trust, your intuition – your gut instinct? Over time it’s a sense that we’ve been told to ignore or to hide, and sadly we’ve come to mistrust it, or even misread it, through lack of practice.

The ‘intuition whisperer’ comes and whispers guidance from the Universe through your higher senses so that you can hear wisdom and know. It reminds you of your worth on your Soul Stepping journey!

Your intuition is committed to helping you understand (intuit) the next right action and steers you away from trouble, so be very aware of the signs and synchronicity around you now, as they are helping to guide your way. Be open to receiving. Sometimes we get signs that are so obvious that we just don’t believe them!

Trust. Listen. Feel…

Remember, there are no coincidences, so if you think a message or sign has come for you, chances are it has.

It requires some hard work, and disconnecting from your egos and emotions.

It means letting go of the desire to control people and situations in your life, and changing your perspective. When living in a state of gratitude and compassion, it’s impossible to see the world as flawed, scary or difficult as we can clearly see the lessons offered in every situation, no matter how difficult.

Ask how you can shift your consciousness to see your circumstances through your intuition and you will realize how perfect and right everything is right now.

Now, this doesn’t mean that we are aiming for perfection. We are living a perfectly imperfect, very human existence after all.

It doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to be human, or to experience our emotions. Not at all… (I stumble a bit every day, but I am wide open to listening).

We all get sad, angry, hurt and suffer from fear, doubt and anxiety. Embrace these emotions as they come, really feel them, and respect them, and then, with love… let them go.

Don’t be tempted to cling on to your past, or to allow old wounds to fester. Instead, like the tides of the ocean, let them flow through you, observing them, respecting them and most importantly letting them go.

When you let go the negative and observe everything around you from a more detached perspective, you invite resolution and healing. You can finally complete the lessons that repeatedly show up and move past old worn out patterns.

Something to remember as you (we) are Soul Stepping on this journey – if stuff comes up, there’s a reason.

By facing it, and dealing with it, you can finally put it to rest, and take much lighter steps forward, not weighed down by the wounds from one’s past. It’s time for facing old patterns and outdated beliefs. A kind of spring cleaning and setting your house in order.

There’s always work to be done after all… if we were fully enlightened beings, we wouldn’t be here!

Do the work. It’s so worth it.

Remember you’re not alone. Your intuition is right by your side and with you every step of the way on your journey. Reconnect with your Inner Wise self!

Get reconnected and listen.

Intuition: Our Most Underutilized Gift

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” -Albert Einstein

I believe our intuition is an innate gift – we are born with it. For some it has been lost, pushed deep down inside, and for others it shines brightly (when we choose to listen).

When I think of all my years in New York City in my 20’s and early 30’s, that innate intuition inside me saved my life more than once. In the end, it always guided me – and I listened.

Each of us has a sense of intuition. Intuition is what has allowed us to survive as a species by protecting us from danger. It’s one’s ability to quickly collect, analyze and respond to information from all available sources without the involvement of the conscious mind.

Intuition gathers and thinks over all that outside “stuff” taken in by our senses and compares it to what’s going on inside of us. We may not even be aware of this, until our unconscious mind and body fills us in.

Intuition is how your subconscious mind communicates with your conscious mind. It allows messages from various “psychic” or “extrasensory” messages to be relayed to your conscious mind in a way that you can recognize them, and later act on them.

I have hunches. I can’t always explain why I think a certain path is the right way, but I need to trust my intuition and let it guide me to where I’m supposed to go.

It’s about Getting Back to Me. And I have my intuition to thank for that.