Let That Shit Go

Many of us are going through our lives very aware of a safe and secretly stashed bundle of pain underlying our daily awareness that we’ve felt for so long we aren’t even sure where it comes from. It almost seems as if it’s part of who we are, or the way we see the world, but it’s important to realize that this pain is something that needs to be acknowledged and processed. The longer we sit on it, the harder it is to work through, and the more likely it is that we will be forced to acknowledge it as it makes itself known to us in ways we can’t predict (but then again we know the ways). Rather than waiting for this to happen, we can empower our-self by digging deep and and dealing with the pain and make a commitment to our-self to take the Soul Steps toward healing it.

The very thought of this brings up feelings of resistance in most of us, especially if, on the surface, our lives seem to be in order  (at least some of us tell our-self that). It’s difficult to dig up the past and go into it unless we are being seriously inconvenienced by the hurt. The thing is, when we are carrying the heavy baggage of our stuffed down pain, sooner or later, it will inconvenience everyone of us! If we can be brave and proactive, we can save ourselves a lot of future suffering and free up the energy that is tied up in stuffing  the pain down and telling your-self – I am strong; I can deal with it.

Let me remind you… stuffing the pain down is NOT being strong and dealing with it!

There are many ways to do this, but the first step is to recognize the pain and honor it by moving our awareness into it. In this process, even if it’s just five minutes during meditation, we will begin to have a sense of what the pain is made of. It might be fear of abandonment, childhood abuse, anger at being mistreated, or some other long held wound. As we sit with the pain, we will also have a sense of whether we can deal with it by our-self or not. It may be time to work with a counselor, or form a healing circle with close friends. Whatever path you choose, resolve to go deep into the pain, so that you can release it fully, and set your-self free.

Remember, it is never too late in life to heal what hurts, and there is never a better time than now.

Your life is a daily Soul Stepping journey.