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What’s ‘Grounding’ and Why Does It Matter?

When is the last time you walked barefoot on the earth, with your toes touching the soil or sand?

There’s a notion called grounding or earthing in the wellness community that I believe in wholeheartedly. Grounding is simply walking barefoot and feeling a deeper connection to the earth, with the goal of tapping into the earth’s negatively charged ions. To reap the full benefits of this connection, many recommend walking barefoot near or in bodies of water, wet grass, or wet sand.

The result? As its name suggests, this simple practice grounds you through the soles of your feet. Without the constriction of footwear, we can connect directly to the earth and allow those electrons to charge into our bodies.

Research on grounding suggests that these charges hold powerful antioxidants that replenish the body, promote health and wellness, and free ourselves of the build up of radiation and unhealthy charges that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Other physiological benefits of grounding include improved sleep, increased serotonin levels (a chemical that boosts mood and energy), reduced inflammation, and strengthening of the body’s immune system through oxygen flow to the cells and tissues in the bloodstream.

Grounding may not always be feasible or attractive – especially if you live through the cold winters of New England like I do! But the next time the weather allows, or perhaps on a getaway to replenish the body and soul, I encourage you to let your feet breathe. Take the time to enjoy the sensation of cool grass or sand beneath your soles, and tap into the power of the earth. A little Soul Stepping, if you will.