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Walk Off Your Stress… Literally!

Walking has always been a kind of therapy for me. Along with its many health benefits, the simple practice of walking has always grounded me and brought me back to a sense of peace within. Believe me, over the years I have Soul Stepped a million miles! (It certainly feels that way, at least.)

And being outside with Mother Nature is a healthy practice all on its own.

Regardless of who you are, a regular walking routine can help reduce blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. As a low-impact exercise, it can also reduce depression and stress while improving cardio health and sleep. Walking also improves blood sugar levels – especially beneficial to those who are diabetic or even pre-diabetic.

How, you ask? Moderate to low impact exercises like walking cause your muscles to use more glucose, lowering your blood sugar levels in turn. A truly important step to get your body back on track, physically and mentally.

So, keep regular walking a priority in your life. I promise it will pay off in your improved health for years to come!

And the best part? You already have everything you need – your own two feet. So what are you waiting for? Get Soul Stepping!